Adopting a Family for the Holiday Season

17 Jan Adopting a Family for the Holiday Season

We’re always interested in finding new ways to strengthen our Vanquish Marketing Group commitment to giving. This holiday season, we adopted a family of six that is currently going through a medical hardship. We were so honored to help make the season a bit brighter for them.

Perry, our firm’s Director of Operations, explained, “The father from our adopted family, the Herveys, went in for a simple procedure and had complications that have led to additional issues and medications. It’s been a rough time for them, so we were happy to help them with food, clothes, toys, gift cards, and even family outings.”

Pam Hervey added, “For years, we owned a successful business and we had our life well planned. That all changed in an instant when we found out my husband might have cancer and wouldn’t have long to live. Although by the grace of God it wasn’t cancer, the relatively minor procedure he had led to a long hospital stay, as he was diagnosed with pancreatitis, had a minor heart attack, and developed sepsis. We couldn’t keep up with the certifications we needed to keep our business afloat, and our savings couldn’t quite stand the strain.”

The Herveys received some financial assistance from members of their church, but they didn’t know what they would do for their four children with Christmas drawing near. Pam continued, “That’s when Vanquish Marketing Group heard about us and offered to help. They truly saved Christmas for our family, and especially for our kids. I am so thankful to them, and we can’t wait to get everything back together and pay their kindness forward to another family.”

Adopting the Hervey family was one of the most rewarding things we’ve done to make a positive impact. Like Vanquish Marketing Group on Newswire to stay updated on our giveback efforts.

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