The Biggest Reasons to Prioritize Sleep

15 May The Biggest Reasons to Prioritize Sleep

Personal and professional wellness are popular topics of discussion throughout Vanquish Marketing Group. Our emphasis on health and productivity has led to greater knowledge of the benefits of sleep. Many studies highlight reasons to get adequate rest each night. Phillip Krim is an expert in this area, and he breaks down these research findings.

For instance, Swedish psychologists found a connection between attitude and sleep habits. Krim elaborates on these fact, stating, “A single night of sleep directly impacts your day and even your week. Being consciously aware of your sleep habits allows you to really evaluate your happiness both inside and outside the office.”

Krim points out that sleep is good for critical thinking and memory as well. He says, “Sleep improves your ability to problem solve and recall information. By getting a good night’s rest, you’ll perform better the next day.” This is a great incentive for us to work smart and leave room for downtime in the Vanquish Marketing Group schedule.In a study of over 4,000 people working at four U.S. companies, researchers discovered that sufficient rest is conducive to high performance as well as workplace safety. Krim indicates, “Promoting a good night’s sleep across the company will not only save money but also increase productivity and employee happiness.”

These are a few of the many outcomes of restful sleep. Get more ideas on productivity from the Vanquish Marketing Group website,

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