Bolster Company Culture With These Strategies

19 Jul Bolster Company Culture With These Strategies

A supportive team culture provides a real boost to even the most talented group of people. That’s certainly what we’ve seen around the Vanquish Marketing Group office, where our associates combine their skills to achieve consistent wins. Here are a few strategies we use to maintain a thriving work culture:

  • Recognizing Effort: Team member recognition is essential for any winning culture. We’ve found that it pays to reward more than just winning results. We recognize our people when they go beyond the call of duty. Highlighting effort in this way is one of the best motivators we’ve found.
  • Providing Honest Feedback: We give regular feedback to our team members without waiting for scheduled performance reviews. This strategy builds upon the Vanquish Marketing Group commitment to constant improvement. With constructive feedback to focus their efforts, our team members can refine their skills in the most efficient ways.
  • Supporting Good Causes: As we contribute to good causes in our community, we get our people involved in every phase of the process. We poll team members to make sure we’re providing assistance for causes and charities about which they are passionate. From there, our giving pursuits make a real impact while building stronger connections throughout our team.

We’re applying these simple strategies to reinforce the empowering Vanquish Marketing Group culture. For more of our team- and culture-strengthening insights, check out our Newswire.

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