Boost Your Networking Effectiveness With These Habits

12 May Boost Your Networking Effectiveness With These Habits

Many of the most accomplished professionals will tell you that their networks have more influence on their careers than their skills or intelligence. Our Vanquish Marketing Group associates agree with this assertion, which is why we invest so much time in making connections and building relationships. What degree of effort do you commit to your network?

The point isn’t that you have to spend a lot of time networking. It’s just that you must maximize the time you do dedicate to it. For instance, to ensure the best results you must express your genuine interest in others. When someone is speaking to you, you shouldn’t glance at your phone or allow your eyes to wander around the room. Instead, ask them questions about themselves – and listen with rapt attention. Make eye contact, nod along to what you hear, and smile given the right cues.

When appropriate, it’s also a good idea to introduce people in your network. Perhaps you know someone in need of a particular service. You may not have the expertise to help, but you know someone who does. As long as you have their permission, we at Vanquish Marketing Group encourage you to make the connection. They’ll be grateful to you for the value you coordinated.

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of professional networking. For more relationship-building recommendations from Vanquish Marketing Group, visit

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