Easy Ways to Build a Commitment to Giving

18 Aug Easy Ways to Build a Commitment to Giving

Giving back to the community has always been part of the Vanquish Marketing Group ethos. We build a stronger team through our philanthropic pursuits, learning valuable lessons about ourselves along the way. Here are a few simple strategies we’ve discovered for making social giving a bigger part of company culture.

Getting everyone involved in the giving process is perhaps the most important technique for sharpening your commitment to social impact. We make sure our associates are passionate about the causes we support. We’re also careful to research every nonprofit so we know how our efforts will pay off in the long run.

It’s also a good idea to engage community leaders in your giveback efforts. We’ve found that doing so leads to a wealth of helpful new contacts and a sense of inclusivity. Influential business figures from our area have become more invested in our giving and our overall mission through our efforts.

Promoting your generosity is another good way to bolster your company’s commitment to giving. Good publicity is just one benefit of doing so; the more important outcome is that even more people will get involved in your pursuits. Our Vanquish Marketing Group giveback events are more successful when we spread the word about them.

These strategies take any company’s giving commitment to a higher level. Like Vanquish Marketing Group on Facebook to read more of our social impact insights.

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