What Common Interview Questions Really Mean

22 Nov What Common Interview Questions Really Mean

There are several questions you can expect to be asked in any job interview. What you may not realize is the deeper meanings of these typical queries. Here are a few questions hiring managers tend to ask – including those at Vanquish Marketing Group – along with their true intentions.

When we ask candidates to tell us about themselves, we’re doing more than just getting some helpful information regarding cultural fit. We’re also giving jobseekers the chance to get comfortable with the process. It’s more likely that we’ll get insightful answers to our more serious questions if people are at ease during the interview.

We’re also likely to ask any potential hire what attracted him or her to the job in the first place. This is a great way to get a read on how serious a person is about joining Vanquish Marketing Group, because the answers we receive tell us how much research was done before the interview. When candidates have deep knowledge of our company ethos and current projects, we feel more confident about making a good hiring decision.

Asking where people see themselves in five years is another common interview technique. We use it when we meet with prospective team members, looking for certain types of responses. If a person gives a clear picture of where he or she wants to be in terms of career and personal development, we’re impressed.

These questions often mean more than meets the eye for candidates. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Facebook

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