Easy Tips for Commuting Productively

20 Dec Easy Tips for Commuting Productively

There’s no reason a daily commute needs to be a waste of time. We’re committed to maximizing every hour of the workday here at Vanquish Marketing Group HQ, so we use the following techniques to get the most value out of our commute time.

Planning the day to come is one thing we’ve been able to do on the way to work. Those of us who drive can clear up to-do lists mentally or through making voice notes on hands-free devices. Our public transportation users can take this strategy a step further by writing outlines for the day, either by hand or on their mobile devices.

Listening to engaging content is something anyone can do during their commute, whether or not they’re the ones doing the driving. Audiobooks and podcasts offer a whole world of educational potential. Our Vanquish Marketing Group listening queues reflect this fact through their length and variety.

Our favorite music also has a significant impact on our productivity, especially when we can sing along in our cars. Even if we can’t join in vocally, just clearing our minds while listening is a great way to prepare ourselves for a productive and stress-free day.

We’re using these strategies to turn our trips to the office into productive experiences. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Facebook

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