Expert Tips for Capturing an Audience

17 Jan Expert Tips for Capturing an Audience

When we discuss effective public speaking around the Vanquish Marketing Group office, we always come back to the idea of capturing the audience. This is a key part of our training program when it comes to delivering presentations. The following strategies have become go-to practices for our promotional specialists when they step up to the podium.

The first thing we stress is that you have to plan to succeed as a presenter. Speaking from the heart is perhaps the most direct way to achieve a strong impression. This is much easier to do if you’ve prepared enough to be conversational in tone, so multiple rounds of rehearsal are common before any Vanquish Marketing Group speech.

It’s a good idea to include a memorable story if you want to engage your listeners. This is especially true if the story reflects personal experience with the topic you’re covering. Having some expertise is always a good way to build credibility in the eyes of your audience. Telling a story also humanizes speakers, making them more relatable to everyone in the room.

Body language is also a big part of making solid connections with audience members. When we train our promotional specialists to become more effective speakers, we want them to focus on eye contact, tone of voice, and overall posture at the podium.

We’re stressing these concepts in our efforts to become more effective speakers. Check out the Vanquish Marketing Group Newswire to receive further presenting tips.

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