Honoring Jared R.’s Service

18 May Honoring Jared R.’s Service

We frequently take time to highlight our top performers here at Vanquish Marketing Group. Campaign manager Jared Robles has earned his time in the spotlight by balancing some impressive duties. Not only has he carved out a special place on our team, Jared also serves in the military.

Perry, our firm’s Director of Operations, stated, “Jared does an incredible job balancing his service to our country with top-flight work on behalf of the brands we represent. He sets an amazing example for everyone on Team Vanquish Marketing Group.”

Jared explained the challenges he faced before joining our team. He explained, “The mental and emotional challenges that I faced overseas in the military led me to Vanquish Marketing Group. I’ll always walk the line between pursuing civilian and military careers, but working here has taught me how important it is to expand my network. Pushing past my comfort zone to build professional relationships has made all the difference for me.”

In his current position, Jared defines success as helping his team members set goals that promote their development based on individual needs. When asked how his own growth has impacted his outlook on the future, Jared responded, “My leaders continue to provide me with tools and guidance so that I’m set up for success. I feel like I can achieve any personal or professional goal because of this support, and I’m motivated by my peers to give nothing less than my best every day.”

Jared has learned that it’s possible to have fun and work hard at the same time in our office. Follow his progress by liking Vanquish Marketing Group on Facebook.

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