Putting Jessica T. in the Spotlight

17 Aug Putting Jessica T. in the Spotlight

When Jessica T. first came to Vanquish Marketing Group, she just wanted a chance to demonstrate her strong work ethic. She took full advantage of our training program and never looked back. Now one of our core leaders, we’re happy to give her the recognition she deserves.

Discussing her first days with our company, Jessica stated, “I embraced the determination within me to keep reaching new phases of development. There were so many resources to help me along the way, including seasoned team members who acted as mentors. I’d never had that at a job before. Everyone grows at different speeds, but the Vanquish Marketing Group focus on building people’s unique skills is a game-changer.”

Jessica believes she is where she is because of the hard work she has put into her development. She stated, “My success is a direct by-product of the time, energy, and sacrifices I’ve put into my professional growth. I have a more positive outlook on life thanks to the supportive atmosphere in which I work. The change I see in myself as I continue to grow has become my biggest source of motivation aside from my parents’ encouraging words.”

In supporting her teammates, Jessica helps them understand that everyone will take their own unique success insights from our immersive training program. She remarked, “It’s important to stay focused on your own skills rather than the progress of someone else. No matter where we are in the developmental process, we align our goals so that we have a stronger team bond.”

Jessica sets a great example for her teammates through her determination. Learn more about her and our other top performers by following Vanquish Marketing Group on Twitter.

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