Lessons You Don’t Learn in College (But We’ll Share)

21 Sep Lessons You Don’t Learn in College (But We’ll Share)

Universities and other institutions of higher learning instill knowledge related to business skills and theory. However, there are some basics that are learned on the job, in post-college years. Our Vanquish Marketing Group training imparts these additional skills people need to thrive in the business world:

• How to Network: Depending on the college, most networking people do in their college years is with other students. In our Vanquish Marketing Group program, we encourage our people from the start to participate in professional events, conferences, and local community experiences that will put them in touch with influential leaders who can be beneficial in their career futures.

• How to Find Work That Ignites Passion: For many grads, the opportunities in the real world don’t necessarily line up with what they learned. We work with associates through our Vanquish Marketing Group coaching to help them identify the paths they might take for fulfilling careers.

• How Your Brain Works: This is a lesson that many people never quite learn: what influences their thinking. It’s important to understand our biases and agendas as they can impact our decision-making process, including how we work with others. By recognizing how our brains work and what might sway our opinions, we can learn to make objective choices with greater ease.

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