The Links Between Volunteer Work and Career Success

15 May The Links Between Volunteer Work and Career Success

Volunteer work and other charitable projects make Vanquish Marketing Group a community leader. All our team members are committed to making a difference, and we take every opportunity to support the nonprofits in our area and beyond. In doing so, we enjoy several career benefits. Here are some ways volunteering adds to our success:

  • It Builds Skills: Whether we’re raising money for a local cause, preparing meals for the homeless in our region, or running a clothing drive, there’s always something new to learn. For instance, giving back helps us sharpen our organizational, problem-solving, and communication skills. With new knowledge as well as practice in these areas comes greater potential for career advancement.
  • It Opens Doors to Networking: Networking is a must in the professional world. Volunteer work puts us in touch with new people all the time. Connecting with others is a means of accessing all sorts of expertise. It also leads to mentorships, referrals, and lots of resources that might not otherwise be available. Volunteer work has even allowed us to meet individuals who eventually join Vanquish Marketing Group.
  • It Boosts Confidence: The more we introduce ourselves to new people, the better we feel about ourselves. The same is true for trying and learning new things. Knowledge and experience beget confidence. Our efforts make us happier and humbler as well.

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