How to Make Giving Back a Year-Round Commitment

17 Jan How to Make Giving Back a Year-Round Commitment

The holiday season always presents us with plenty of opportunities to help people in need. However, we’ve made giving back a year-round activity here at Vanquish Marketing Group HQ. Here are a few of the concepts we remember as we encourage our team members to support good causes throughout the calendar year:

• Everyone Must Be Involved: We make every member of Team Vanquish Marketing Group an important part of our giveback efforts. When it comes to finding the right causes to support, we gather input from everyone on our team. This ensures that our giving reflects our shared values, and that our people are engaged in the process.

• Giving Boosts Morale: After every team giveback event, we return to the office with fresh motivation to tackle big challenges. That’s likely because we learn more about each other’s unique talents and personalities when we team up to help a great cause. There’s no substitute for the camaraderie we create when we support people and organizations in need.

• Competition Is Good for Social Impact: It’s a good idea to incentivize giving because it gets our promotional specialists fired up to make even bigger impacts. This is another way to bolster morale throughout our team, which leads to ambitious teamwork back on the job.

We keep these key concepts in mind as we expand our commitment to giving. Follow Vanquish Marketing Group on Newswire to stay updated on our social impact efforts.

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