PRESS RELEASE: Vanquish Marketing Group Encourages Networking, Now Hiring

30 Sep PRESS RELEASE: Vanquish Marketing Group Encourages Networking, Now Hiring

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA – The leadership team at Vanquish Marketing Group focuses on growth both for the firm and their associates. One important area of development that receives attention is networking. The company also announced a hiring initiative.

“I’m very excited for the growth I’ve been seeing lately here at Vanquish Marketing Group,” stated Chris, the firm’s CEO. “Expansion is a constant goal for both our company and our team. Not only do we provide continual training, but we sponsor team nights and team-building activities to foster a sense of camaraderie and community. As our people succeed, the business succeeds.”

Chris continued, explaining that a company is only as prosperous as the associates who work there. For him to consider a business to be well-run, its team needs to feel confident in their knowledge, empowered to make decisions, and also challenged with worthy goals. Vanquish Marketing Group does all that, and also provides the opportunity for ambitious associates to be promoted into leadership roles based on their efforts, not length of service or (especially not) office politics.

“Perhaps the most important thing we provide our team is the chance to network with like-minded, goal-oriented high achievers,” Chris emphasized. “Certainly our intra-office activities create those bonds, but Vanquish Marketing Group also takes qualifying associates on weekend networking trips, where they meet other event-based marketing professionals from across North America. These provide a fantastic chance to learn best practices from other regions that they can bring back to our office, but most importantly it’s a way to connect with the best of the best. Relationships are built at these weekends that could last an entire career.”

When attending a networking event, Chris has advised the Vanquish Marketing Group team to follow the following guidelines. First, have a strategy. Running around trying to meet as many people as possible is exhausting and counterproductive. Instead, work on making three to five really solid connections. Also, it helps to have an icebreaker ready for when you meet someone new. Try to keep it simple and universally appealing.

“Another thing I teach my crew is to be authentic when speaking with others,” Chris said. “Don’t be shy about your goals or accomplishments, and if you want someone’s phone number, come right out and ask for it. No tiptoeing. Then, perhaps most important of all, follow up. No matter how good things went at the event, if you don’t reconnect a few days later, you wasted your time.”

CEO of Vanquish Marketing Group Cites Growing Business as Motivation for Hiring Push

Vanquish Marketing Group has ambitious plans for the future, and is always open to meeting with those who would add to the company’s success. Career-minded individuals will find that even entry-level positions are designed to allow associates access to upper management. Through training and hard work, advancement is possible for anyone in whatever time frame makes sense for them.

“The positive growth happening here is allowing us to open our doors to new talent. We are excited to start the hiring process and hope to find some eager and excited new members to join our team,” Chris noted. “Our hope is to spread the word about the collaborative mentality here at Vanquish Marketing Group, as well as the potential to grow within the company. If you are someone who works well in a group environment and is driven to achieve big goals, by all means apply today.”

About Vanquish Marketing Group

Vanquish Marketing Group is a high-performance marketing firm with years of experience in the promotional events industry. Their skilled team of branding specialists has the talent and training to design on-site promotions that generate lasting brand growth, impressive consumer engagement, and increased revenues. As a result, they have built a reputation of success and flexibility that has allowed them to expand into new regions and customize consumer events to meet specific client objectives. Their dedication to core values has separated Vanquish Marketing Group from their competition, and their commitment to excellence means that they will continue to help businesses expand and grow.

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