PRESS RELEASE: Vanquish Marketing Group’s Director Reflects and Goals for the Quarter

29 Apr PRESS RELEASE: Vanquish Marketing Group’s Director Reflects and Goals for the Quarter

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA – Vanquish Marketing Group’s Director of Operations, Chris, reflects on the company’s success in the previous quarter and outlines the upcoming quarter’s goals.

The the first quarter is already behind us which is crazy to say. So far we are on track to completing our goal of doubling in size from where we ended 2015. 

We have three Assistant managers in training and we have already opened up one new location at the end of February, the next scheduled one starts in Houston at the end of April. (Quadrupling in Size for a second year running is a little unrealistic so we are happy with double). This is all made possible because of the dedication and goal setting of the core leadership group we pride ourself on being able to develop. Its our job as a company to bring the best out of each individual that says they want what we have to offer and their goals are the foundation of that.
Goals are the foundation of what we have created. We never want anyone working towards just the company’s goals, we want them working towards their own. We can not achieve the aggressive goals we have as a company if individuals are not achieving theirs at the same time. As they say, “If you don’t have goals you will always be working towards someone else’s.”
I feel so greatful to have found this industry where my success/ my companies success is solely based on our ability to make others just as good if not better than we are. Its very lonely on the island by yourself. We have received a lot of compliments recently on how unique we are as an organization by how much we really invest in the individuals in the training program with the ultimate goal of them becoming the best versions of them self. Then at the end if they choose this as a career they have carved the position out for them self where the future is very bright.
In the first quarter we have acquired three new clients to represent due to our Costco relationship, so we are currently setting up the foundation to really give them the best representation possible as we move through the rest of the year. We have our quarterly conference coming up this weekend in Dallas where myself and six others will be impacted on streamlining some of our processes and come back even stronger.

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