Proven Strategies for Productive Commutes

17 Jan Proven Strategies for Productive Commutes

Turning our daily commutes into productive experiences has become a passion project around Vanquish Marketing Group HQ. We’re more committed than ever to getting the most out of our trips to the office in 2018, with the following strategies leading the way for us:

• Getting Our Minds Right: Clearing our heads is one thing we aim to do during every commute to the Vanquish Marketing Group office. We use various methods to accomplish this goal, including meditation apps that lead us through mindfulness routines and focused breathing.

• Streamlining Our To-Do Lists: We also refine our priorities for the day before we arrive at the office. Those of us who drive to work use hands-free devices to make voice notes, while our public transport commuters write lists the old-fashioned way. Whichever method is used, we’re better equipped to make progress once we get to our desks.

• Adding Professional Knowledge: Building our business acumen is also something we strive to do during our commutes. Audiobooks and podcasts make this goal easier to reach, with a variety of content available to us. We often share suggestions for worthwhile listening options around the office, and you’ll also find us exchanging insights on what we’ve learned during the workday.

These are a few of the most effective methods we’ve discovered for productive commuting. Follow Vanquish Marketing Group onNewswire to receive our best tips for getting more done from day to day.

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