Recognizing Our Top Performers

23 Feb Recognizing Our Top Performers

Putting our top Vanquish Marketing Group performers in the spotlight is always an inspiring experience. Perry, our company’s Director of Operations, has three people he’d like to recognize for their commitment to reaching ambitious goals.

Brian H. is being recognized for his efforts to add new brands to our portfolio. Perry stated, “Brian is going above and beyond to bring innovative companies into the Vanquish Marketing Group orbit. He’s hitting all his goals and maintaining stellar performance in the process. It’s fair to say that Brian is setting an ideal example for everyone else on our team.”

Diane and Irene are also being singled out for their efforts. “Diane brings great leadership skills to the table, which makes her steady excellence even more impactful. Irene is still in the early stages of her career journey, but you’d never know it from the way she drives our events. Along with her sterling performance on our campaigns, Irene has also been coordinating outreach for all our social giving endeavors. Diane and Irene also make new additions to our team feel welcome.”

Perry explained that our commitment to strong teamwork helps get the best performance from everyone. He remarked, “We put our people in position to succeed by setting clear expectations. That includes well-defined goals for teamwork, which bring out the unique talents each person has to offer.”

Recognition is a key motivator around Vanquish Marketing Group HQ. Stay tuned to our Newswire feed to see who we put in the spotlight next.

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