Reliable Strategies for Successful Networking

19 Oct Reliable Strategies for Successful Networking

Building a wide network of helpful contacts is one of the best things you can do for your career prospects. When we set out to expand our Vanquish Marketing Group contact lists, we keep the following simple strategies in mind. They’ve proven to be reliably effective in all networking situations.

The prevailing attitude we take into all our networking efforts is that we’re trying to build relationships. We understand that doing so takes time, so we’re patient with the methods we use. Simply being ourselves is one of the best strategies for creating meaningful connections, because we know the most helpful contacts will be those who are naturally attracted to our personalities and the Vanquish Marketing Group message.

We also try to stretch beyond our comfort zones to forge productive connections. This could mean attending a conference halfway across the country or simply visiting a LinkedIn group we’ve never before explored. Either way, we put ourselves in touch with people we wouldn’t connect with through our normal course of business.

Perhaps the most effective way to expand a professional network is to actively ask how you can help other people. We listen intently to find out what types of problems a potential contact faces. Then, we offer our help in finding the best possible solution.

We apply these simple strategies to expand our contact lists.

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