Reliably Effective Networking Strategies

22 Nov Reliably Effective Networking Strategies

We know how important broad professional networks are in reaching our aggressive Vanquish Marketing Group goals. That’s why we attend a variety of industry events to make connections with influential leaders and highly accomplished peers. Here are a few simple techniques we apply to make our networking efforts as productive as possible.

One thing we’ve always stressed when adding new contacts is listening more than we talk. We prepare memorable pitches to deliver on our behalf, but we’re more focused on keeping others talking about themselves. Through focused questions and careful listening, we find common ground with potential contacts on which we can build meaningful connections.

We also offer assistance to our new contacts before we ask for any kind of favor. By making it clear that we offer something of value, we set the right tone for a mutually beneficial connection. If we can create a bridge between one of our existing contacts and a new ally, we’re quick to do so. Being seen as a connector is a valuable thing when it comes to successful networking.

More than anything else, we try to remember to be ourselves when we’re adding to our Vanquish Marketing Group contact lists. We offer warm smiles and act in ways that are consistent with our day-to-day personalities, because we want every relationship to be built on authenticity.

These methods make the networking process a bit smoother. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Facebook

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