Simple Ways to Improve as a Presenter

09 Mar Simple Ways to Improve as a Presenter

Constant improvement is a hallmark of our Vanquish Marketing Group culture. This includes just about every type of professional skill, with public speaking near the top of the list. Here are a few simple strategies we’ve learned for becoming more confident presenters:

” Being Our Authentic Selves: We know the value of a direct approach when we step up to the podium, so we don’t waste time or energy turning a speech into a performance. Audience members want to know they’re hearing people speak from the heart, so we let our unique traits come through during every Vanquish Marketing Group presentation.

” Harnessing Nervous Energy: Some degree of anxiety before any speech is to be expected, so we do our best to use that energy to our advantage. We turn our nervousness into enthusiasm, making important points with added emphasis as a result. Taking a few minutes just before going onstage to focus on our breathing is a great way to tame our nerves.

” Practicing in Various Ways: Practice is essential in making memorable speeches. We use a wide range of methods to rehearse for every presentation, including using our colleagues as stand-in audience members. The feedback we receive from our teammates helps us refine our vocal deliveries and overall stage presence.

We’re using these basic techniques to deliver more compelling speeches. Find more of our best public speaking tips by following Vanquish Marketing Group on Twitter.

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