How Smart Leaders Encourage Teamwork

20 Dec How Smart Leaders Encourage Teamwork

Collaboration is a central tenet of the Vanquish Marketing Group culture. Our leaders understand the value of teamwork, so they apply the right methods to ensure that it’s always healthy within our office. Here are a few of the smart tactics our leaders use to spur stronger collaboration:

• Empowering Decision Making: Our managers trust us to make our own decisions, which allows us to move quickly on big and small projects. We have clear expectations to guide our efforts, so knowing we can apply our skills as we see fit is an empowering thing. By sharing well-defined visions of success, our leaders put us in position to thrive through our own judgement.

• Forming Cross-Functional Teams: We’ve also learned that breaking down silos is an effective way to enable strong teamwork. Bringing together people with different backgrounds and viewpoints is one of the hallmarks of any innovative company. We’ve found that fusing our diverse Vanquish Marketing Group talents leads to breakthrough success in our campaigns.

• Listening to All Ideas: Dissent is welcome in companies that value teamwork, because it means all ideas are being heard. People need to feel safe to speak out whenever they feel there’s a better approach to getting something done.

These strategies help emotionally intelligent leaders inspire winning teamwork. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Facebook

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