Take Your Networking to the Next Level

19 Jul Take Your Networking to the Next Level

Diverse professional networks are key assets in any successful career. We’re improving our Vanquish Marketing Group networking efforts by focusing on strong connections. Here are a few things we keep in mind every time we build our contact lists.

Careful listening might be the simplest and most effective strategy we employ when we attend networking events. Along with paying attention to every word people say, we look for nonverbal cues that tell us if a person is really interested in a deeper connection. We’re also sure to keep our phones tucked away while making consistent eye contact.

We’re getting better at connecting through our own personal elevator pitches as well. Rather than focus on our current career pursuits, we create narratives that explain how we got to where we are. We’ve found that potential contacts can find common ground with us when we tell these types of stories. Refining these personal pitches has become a favorite activity around the Vanquish Marketing Group office.

Offering quick value is another strategy we’re using to become better networkers. Even if it’s something as simple as a book suggestion or a link to an interesting article, we try to set a helpful tone right off the bat.

These simple techniques are helping us level up our networking efforts. Check out the Vanquish Marketing Group Newswire for more connecting insights.

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