Training and Expansion Around Our Office

15 May Training and Expansion Around Our Office

There’s a lot happening at Vanquish Marketing Group. It all centers on training and growth. For instance, we’ve recently cross-trained multiple people in Florida, Nevada, and Northern California. We’ve hit our target goals for internal promotions, which propels us forward as we grow our networks. Some of our team members have even bolstered our organizational support through extended road trips, building the infrastructure of new offices.

In particular, our inventory and logistics mastery training has allowed us to enhance our expertise in terms of our dual role – representing and training. In the past month alone, we’ve also had in-depth learning about communication and consumer psychology. It’s a lot to take in, and it helps us lift Vanquish Marketing Group to the top of our field.

In terms of outreach campaigns, our latest project supports local assisted living facilities. Our business partners will be volunteering their time while nurturing the strong team culture we bring to the community. We are carrying on our philanthropy by appointing each member of our management team to develop events that reflect our passions. Efforts range from working with special needs children and women’s housing programs to clean-up projects and humane treatment of animals. Our time is the most valuable thing we can donate. It has been our continued privilege to support the YWCA, Elizabeth House, and now the James L. Brutte Senior Center.

Our transparent business model allows us to support personal and professional growth for each of our people as they set and achieve their own goals. Community outreach is at the top of our list. Giving back allows us to grow together and carry on the high standards we’ve put into motion as a group.

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